Writing is the new drawing: my academic life.

Well, my cartooning has become far less frequent lately as I’m trying to focus on lots of academic work what with starting out on a PhD.  Seeing as the world (Michael Gove) doesn’t want experts anymore, I’ve made it my bloody-minded mission to try and become one.  I wanted to post this to prove to myself that I am actually achieving small milestones (such as having my RF1 form ready for submission – sounds boring but is important), even if it feels like I’m not making much progress at times (“thinking time”  is important too, I keep justifying to myself, ha ha).  Therefore, today, despite internet and Trump-esque news related distractions and a burgeoning head cold, I have managed to rough out the beginnings of a conference paper (just confirmed for the go-ahead) – and is another big first for me.  The actual workings-out looks like this so far:   unnamed