DANCE, MONKEY – by P.D. (Lure of the Demon Planet #1,2,3)

The first of my talented friends who has drawn a comic for this project is Paul Dorrington, to the following brief:
“Young(ish) bohemian beatnik girl, jaded by modern life is given a psychedelic drink by mysterious time traveller, who leads her by the hand into a glorious 1960s adventure. In space. Where she becomes queen of the devil women of mars.”

Here are the first couple of pages – it’s pretty darn cool so far!

[31/5/12 – added page 3!]

lure of the demon planet 1

Postmodern Pat & his Schrödinger’s cat

For James Goldthorpe.

Brief: I wish to request another comic strip please. It is to be called “Postmodern Pat and his Schrödinger’s cat” and is to teach young un’s about high brow concepts and quantum mechanics whilst telling an engaging tale about a postman rescuing ducks from a fire at a bread factory. Thank you. Or it could just be that the above story is delivered in a postmodern fashion and there is simply a cat in a box if this is easier…