Early Tassles Sheffield Steelers hockey caricatures – with text by my dad!

Visiting my parents this New Years’ Day 2019, my dad dug out some cartoons I did for fun about 25 years ago, mucking about on the family PC in the days of MS Paint, well before the Photoshop era. I was an ice hockey fan at the time and, as a family, we went to Sheffield Steelers matches regularly. My dad, Andy, used to write for the fanzine ‘Who Woo Woos Wins’ (using the pen name Milton Medway) and has sent me copies of the cartoons, along with his commentary – so here I hand over to a selection of text from my dad for the remainder of the text in this blog piece:

Diane always has been adept with creative computer work, and the series of drawings of which this is the first arose from that capability.  She seemed to be able to capture somehow the essence of the character each time, and the art-form was ideal for the irreverently good-humoured nature of the fanzine… Here’s Chris Kelland:


No. 2 “Black Pads [Martin] MckKay” [I seem to remember most goalies had white pads, so the black pads seemed a kind of piratical statement – Missy T]:

In addition to Diane having capturing the likeness “spot-on”, as with the other cartoons in the adjoining pages, what also makes me smile with this one is the half-face of Neil’s pal Les Millie peeking in at the bottom of the picture, emphasising the height of “Big Neil” !

Perhaps it’s as well to add the explanatory comments that Tim Cranston seemed, more than others, to spend almost as much time in the penalty box as he did on the ice, and secondly that his nickname, for the fans, was “Wild Thing”.


Ron Shudra [Many of the players were Canadian, as ice hockey is less of a home-grown sport in the UK and, for some reason, many of the players had mullets. Ron was seen as the ‘glamorous’ one of the team, ha ha! – Missy T]

I’m not at all sure that this one [below], one of my favourites, ever actually found its way on to the pages of Who Woo Woos Wins, but in my humble opinion it was certainly worthy of publication.  I suspect it was never submitted.  An eternal loss to the readers!  Once again, Diane’s managed to produce excellent caricatures of the players – they are, from left to right, Neil Abel, Martin McKay, Selmar Odelein (who also appears in the next piece, no. B 14), Chris Kelland, Ivan Matulik, Les Millie.  The figures of Abel, McKay and Kelland were, of course, taken as copies from their particular individual cartoons on the previous pages, with the extra three added for this “team photo”.  Excellent.