Come, Friendly Bombs – a comic full of bile!

I needed a project to express my disgust and dismay with today’s world, but in a creative way.  I recalled Betjeman’s poem ‘Slough’ and, upon re-reading it, felt it perfectly communicates a sense of utter revulsion at the scenes it presents.  It was not difficult at all to relate Betjeman’s words to the modern climate.  This comic has allowed me to channel and purge my anger through illustrating elements of society; fakery, hypocrisy, misogyny and money-worship, which sicken me (and, no doubt, many people I know).  The collages herein are made from images in the past few weeks’ newspapers.

Betjeman’s ‘Slough’ is from 1937, I include his words in their entirety and have changed only one word (“Slough”) throughout the whole text.   Should you wish to own a physical copy of this comic,  I will gladly make and post you one for the measly sum of £1.50, just click here.

Missy, Nov 2016