Making a Marvellous (Mrs Maisel) Dress

I am a bit obsessed with The Marvellous Mrs Maisel TV series, it combines a number of things I like – 1950s/1960s culture, feminism, stand up comedy and some very splendid outfits indeed. It’s not THAT often I drool over costumes in film and TV, but here is a character who is smart, funny, and wears all the same clothes I that I would – at least I would if I were rich, lived in early 1960s Manhattan and could be bothered to do anything tidy with my hair!

I haven’t made any complicated clothes for a while so, when I found a huge piece of Sari silk in a charity shop for £4, I decided it was time to rifle through my vintage patterns and make the most Maisel-eque dress I could.

I’d made the simplest pencil dress from this pattern before, without any of the frills, so at least I knew it would fit and then started to work on the biggest version with all the frills! Unusually for me, I even bothered to make it properly, you know, with actually ironing the fabric at the stages you’re supposed to, and putting in interfacing in the right places – something I don’t always strictly adhere to.

Luckily I had enough fabric for the full skirt and had a 50s-style petticoat to put underneath to fluff the shape out properly. I even made bows for the shoulders and a matching belt, using a vintage belt buckle I found online. Including the material, buckle, zip and bits and pieces I bought, this entire dress still cost me less than £10. I made a makeshift clutch bag also, a bit rough and ready but at least it matches! I’d just like an opportunity to have someplace to wear it now!