I have a summer penchant for wandering around barefoot a lot of the time… here are the results of padding around town barefoot most of the morning… less of a dirt impact than you might think…

film diary

LEMMY (DVD, Greg Olliver, 2010) Great, fun seeing the rock legend at home ­čÖé

JAR CITY (TV, Baltasar Kormákur, 2006) EXCELLENT Icelandic crime drama, gripping and grim

TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE (DVD, David Slade, 2010) This is what happens when you let Mr Tassles choose films. Urk.

COUNTDOWN TO ZERO (CINEMA, Lucy Walker, 2010) Interesting info about nuclear arms etc. but made for a relatively uninformed audience.

BRIDESMAIDS (CINEMA, Paul Feig, 2011) Fun! Funny! Better than expected.

ZODIAC (TV, David Fincher, 2007) Rewatch – love this film, does a great job of telling a fairly complex and sprawling tale. Made me order Graysmith’s book.

HEARTBREAKER / L’arnacoeur (DVD, Pascal Chaumeil, 2010) Kind of BAD, apart from one moment which made me giggle when Vanessa Paradis, after pretending to be all cool and aloof, is acutally miming along to Wham! (Wake me up before you go-go) unbeknownst to the guy in the car with her.

THESE ARE THE DAMNED (DVD, Joseph Losey, 1963) YES! Oliver Reed, a rock n roll song “Black leather, black leather , kill kill kill”, degenerate teen 60s b-movie turns into very odd sci-fi film about radioactive children. Very cool.

SUMMER OF SAM (DVD, Spike Lee, 1999) Yay, more 60s/70s serial killer films. As seen from the Italian neighbourhood’s perspective, mob mentality etc. Ace.

THE CRAZIES (DVD, Breck Eisner, 2010) Not bad remake of the 60s cult film, surprisingly enjoyable – one esp. good excruciating scene with Timothy Olyphant being cahsed across the morgue floor with a bonesaw!

DANGER DIABOLIK (CINEMA, Mario Bava, 1968) Rewatch for the billionth time – great to see at the cinema, I LOVE THIS FILM. I would like to live in Diabolik’s underground lair please.

CATFISH (TV, Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman, 2010) Interesting doc about the power/affect of social networking and how is can be (mis)used on a very personal level.

WHATEVER WORKS (DVD, Woody Allen, 2009) Gone off Woody Allen in recent years, but enjoyed this more than I thought. Larry David isn’t the best at sustaining a good performance throughout though, it feels like he’s doing lines, much better at the semi-improv of Curb Your Enthusiasm etc. The story and characters are fun though, and Ed Begley Jr is always a treat.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: The FIRST AVENGER (CINEMA, Joe Johnston, 2011) Ok, the intro hour or so was good, story was engaging but as with many of these films of late, it just goes on for TOO LONG. Remove 30-40 mins and you’d have a cracking pacy film.