Baxter’s Holiday Cartoon diary – Cornwall by an 8 year old

I’m still working on my New York cartoon so I got Little Tassles to do a cartoon diary of one thing every day on our recent trip to Cornwall. I should note that we did lots of fun stuff that his sense of humour has chosen not to depict here!

5th August – driving to Cornwall. It took about 9 hours due to traffic 😦  Baxter: “boring”, Us: ” stop moaning Baxter”

“More cars”

Baxter was rather taken with a dead mole whilst we looked for our holiday cottage.

The people in the pub couldn’t find our cottage key for a while l, as we waited awkwardly at the bar: ” where’s the key?”

6th August – more traffic jams heading toward the beach, and then trying to get out of a car boot sale: Baxter is strapped in the car imagining possibilities of teleportation.

Sandymouth beach, we finally made it. “Mum, Tom (a boy he befriended on the beach), Me”

Mon 7th Aug – we were rained off a rather overgrown and muddy walk.

Tues 8th Aug – we visited Tintagel, there were lots of steps: “Baxter sweating at the bottom”

Weds 9th August – we spent a long time in the local playground near our cottage.

Thu 10th Aug – A lovely long sunny day full of fun at the beach. Baxter chose to depict a very long boring queue at the coffee shop.

Fri 11th Aug – Baxter desperate to play in the sea at Crackington Haven splashed around in his jeans and got soaking. In real life he was smiling lots, but the subsequent cold soggy jeans of which he was warned (and refused to take off) made other memories.

Baxter has drawn himself with a giant stomach after finally finding his limit of fish and chips.

Sat 12th Aug – Baxter is sad to wave goodbye to our cottage.