October Print of the Month – The Hand of Glory

Hey! As well as comics I do art as part of Black Light Art Collective, here’s our latest blog post about one of our pieces…..

Black Light Art Collective

There’s a story behind every BLAC piece of artwork; every image has some autobiographical relevance to both of us, here is the story of one of them; this month’s print and story behind it is by Missy.

BLAC prints are unlimited (see our manifesto), so take a look and you can order your own handmade, unique print of the same image from the BLAC SHOP page directly, anytime!

The ‘Hand of Glory’ is a concept I first became aware of through one of my favourite series of graphic novels by Grant Morinvisibles2rison, The Invisibles.  The books follow a secret organisation who fight oppression using magic and time travel, amongst many other things.  The Hand of Glory is a sought after object, drawing from old English (amongst others!) folklore, magic and superstition.

As far as I understood it from brief research, a Hand of Glory was supposedly the…

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