BRIGHTON – part 3 & end


One down, one to boldy go…

I’m going to a Star Trek convention in October. I am ridiculously excited. I bought a costume on the internet, but it bugged me that it wasn’t close enough to the ‘correct’ ones from the original TV series… so I decided to do it properly and bought a pattern, ordered fabric and insignia etc. to make my own. It was surprisingly fiddly, as it’s made out of triangular shaped pieces and has the wide pleat/wraparound bit to deal with also…

This is the first of two dresses I’m making – this just finished in the gold colour with appropriate command patch – the other’s going to be a replica of Uhura’s dress (basically the same as this but in red – and with lieutenant’s braid on the cuffs and a communications/security insignia patch). I should mention I ADDED FOUR INCHES to the bottom of this dress and, after hemming it, am mightily pleased I did so…

Oh, I also made this awesome bag that looks like a tricorder too.

DANCE, MONKEY – “Getting Older” by Anjan & Missy

Anjan wrote this beautiful piece for me to have a crack at drawing, so here are the results below – I’ve tried to do it some justice… except for bothering to scan it in properly rather than photograph it… but my scanner is 2 floors away from where I’m sitting right now and I’m too lazy 🙂  

If you missed the piece Anjan drew “Dilemma”, based on an extremely vague storyline from me, click here (he’s one of a number of my friends whose drawing abilities far outstrip my own, have a look!).