About Missy

Something of a dilettante, I draw comics and cartoon diaries, sing and play guitar in my punk rock garage band The Sleazoids, art rock band Black Light Ray, make art as part of Black Light Art Collective and occasionally play solo as The Girl Next Door. We like making our own music, records and videos, linoprints and paintings.  For work, I teach film and media studies at university, study for a PhD and sometimes write about films and books too – here are some published articles. I also like making my own clothes (from 60s dresses to sci fi costumes!), baking, collect anything to do with Godzilla (man in a suit, not CGI), Viewmaster reels and am a sci fi and horror nerd.  I am happy to get involved in collaborative projects that interest me, and play records at events sometimes too!

Please do browse my cartoon diaries and comics posted on this site – have a rummage in the search box or through the archives, there’s tons of stuff online here.  You can also buy random comics and other stuff in my shop!  Or contact me via missy.tassles@gmail.com

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