(It’s) EASY (being) VEGAN

Pictures of vegan food I’ve made for myself and REALLY enjoyed. Some of the tastiest damn food I’ve ever had. I will add to this slowly but surely so I can remember what I used!



Pizza – olives, jalapenos, tofurkey sausage, tomatoes, vegan mozzarella + parmesan.  Plain base form Sainsbury’s.

Butty – tofurkey sausage + Cheatin’ bacon with salad, and olives and brown sauce on the side

Wraps – with homemade herby tomato paste, vegan chicken strips, salad, with olives and fruit on the side

Stir fry – Vegan chicken strips, red pepper, courgette, onion, broccoli, carrot cooked in my version of Thug Kitchen’s enchillada sauce, with boiled rice.

My New York Cartoon Diary – COMPLETE FINISHED days 1-12


DAY ONE –  click here 

DAY TWO & THREE – click here

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DAY SIX & SEVEN – click here

DAY EIGHT & NINE – click here

DAY TEN (Coney Island) – click here

DAY ELEVEN – click here

DAY TWELVE (final day) – see below! (blurry photos will be replaced in due course)







Ash vs the Apocalyptic Dead

This is what happens when you tell the entire story of the first 3 Evil Dead films (and as much of the Ash vs Evil Dead series I can recall) to an 8 year old.  8-year-old finds pens and paper and demands we create a comic sequel “called Ash versus the Apocalyptic Dead and it’s when Ash is an old man and has a grown up son”. I should note that he’s not seen any of the series himself!  P1090851P1090852P1090853P1090854P1090855P1090856P1090857P1090858P1090859

“To be continued…”