REBEL GIRL – Hannah Festival 2017

I’m very proud to be an ongoing participant in and supporter of the Hannah Festival. I’ll be away for the festival this coming week so am making my pre-emptive offering today to help kick the festival off to a punk rock start!

The festival is named after Hannah Mitchell, suffragette and socialist from a poor Derbyshire background. She worked for her socialist ideals, women’s suffrage and pacifism, eventually becoming a Labour MP and magistrate – her story is amazing and inspring. In her honour, I decided to have a stab at a cover of a favourite song of mine by another of my heroes, the aptly named Kathleen Hanna, also founder of the feminist Riot Grrl punk feminist movement.  The timing of this couldn’t feel more right, to have a go at expressing creativity, pride and anger in one foul swoop, and thanks to the Hannah Festival for giving me a reason to try something new.

This is the first recording I’ve attempted alone, and was done this morning on a crappy phone app – it’s rough and ready – could be better and more polished but it is done with punk rock feminist spirit at heart.

The Girl Next Door – Rebel Girl [2017]

[original by Bikini Kill 1993, written by Kathleen Hanna]

Missy & Paul Get Married…an interactive cartoon!

It’s only taken me about 8 months to finish this cartoon diary of our wedding day, but here it finally is, complete with relevant audiovisual links along the way – it’s LIKE YOU WERE THERE!   🙂


Click here to hear what we tested the jukebox with (see next panel)


Click here for some TV nostalgia that was the soundtrack to my ironing (see panel below)


Click here for the trailer of a film I am very fond of, and was watching whilst getting ready!


Click here for the song I walked down the aisle to! 


Reading 1: Chosen by Paul, read beautifully by his cousin Amanda


Reading 1: Chosen by Missy, read beautifully by Best Woman Lizzie Biscuits


Songs we chose to play whilst we signed the register:

Corn Rigs – Paul Giovanni (from The Wicker Man Soundtrack) 

Heron – Lord and Master

Song we chose to play as we left the room:

Sonny & Cher – The Little Things


Click here to hear the song for our first dance! (see next panel)


Click here for the soundtrack to a bunch of small children going crazy on the dancefloor!


Click here for the trailer of the hilariously dreadful film we watched that evening!



Writing is the new drawing: my academic life.

Well, my cartooning has become far less frequent lately as I’m trying to focus on lots of academic work what with starting out on a PhD.  Seeing as the world (Michael Gove) doesn’t want experts anymore, I’ve made it my bloody-minded mission to try and become one.  I wanted to post this to prove to myself that I am actually achieving small milestones (such as having my RF1 form ready for submission – sounds boring but is important), even if it feels like I’m not making much progress at times (“thinking time”  is important too, I keep justifying to myself, ha ha).  Therefore, today, despite internet and Trump-esque news related distractions and a burgeoning head cold, I have managed to rough out the beginnings of a conference paper (just confirmed for the go-ahead) – and is another big first for me.  The actual workings-out looks like this so far:   unnamed