Real Life Boyhood – note to my 5 year old on your last day of school

It is the last day of your first year of school today, more of a milestone for me than you perhaps, but your teachers gave me emotional hugs this morning, who clearly love and care for you as you do them, they all said they will miss you. Just thinking that the teachers are not only important to the children, but the parents and extended families too made me consider what an important impact each of us makes on so many other people throughout our lives, often perhaps without even realising it. I am so proud of you this year, you have learned to socialise, navigate difficult situations with classmates and in the playground, learned to work as a team, you are protective of your friends and caring to others – and suddenly in but a few months you can read books, write words and do sums! You are growing up so quickly in front of me and it is amazing to witness. You have dealt with a lot of changes in your life recently, but have adapted to them all so well, you are such a happy and delightful little boy.  You have really taken to all the new people in your life with love and respect and you look forward to spending time and sharing cuddles with them.  I love your company, you are so funny and imaginative, and the most affectionate person I know, giving me cuddles and love constantly.  I’d like to remember these special times when you will (likely) be an awkward and difficult teenager, it is hard to let you want to grow up!  Each milestone with you makes me increasingly appreciate my own parents and how they must have felt about me, and grateful for them always. I found some notes I wrote from your first day of school, less than a year ago now: First day of school 13/9/13 Wore white polo shirt and green combat trousers  (your black jeans weren’t dry) and black school shoes.  Took your new blue book bag with your treasure box insde and your PE bag, met your dad at the bench in Crookes and walked to school.  Waited outside your class with all the other parents, we spotted a couple of your friends but you were a little nervous and wanted to stay with us.  The bell rang and the doors opened, your dad waited outside whilst I took you in.  I gave your teacher your lunch money (£2) and took you to find your coat peg just through your classroom.  We hung up your coat, raincoat and PE kit, you wanted to immediately go back in the classroom.  It was such a bustle with all the other children and parents!  It was a bit intimidating for anyone – but you and I found [your friend] L in a corner playing with jungle animals.  He offered you a snake and a crocodile, keen to play with you.  You clung onto me and asked for cuddles, and whispered to me that you would miss me a lot – I was already missing you very much and felt emotional but tried to get you to play with the toys.  I said how cool the jungle animals were, you looked at them and picked out a big toy lion and started to play with L.  I decided to sneak away as you seemed happy then.



Tiki dress in a day – part 3

After a lunch break, readjustments, swearing, unpicking, more readjustments etc, I’ve got all the bits together! Just some tidying on the inside and the hem to do now… don’t look too closely at the back though – I’m usually good at zips and find them easy but this one was a bit of a faff for some reason.   Will

I get it finished to wear later?!

Tiki dress in a day challenge!

I’ll make another dress, I think to myself. A nice, simple one this time from a pattern. Less than an hour in and I’m already using bits from 2 different patterns and have “made up” a new bit.  Hmmm. Can I get it finished before the afternoon school run? That sounds like a Tassles project challenge to me!