DANCE, MONKEY… upcoming editions…

Pete Mella: Can you do one where an alien invasion is thwarted by axolotls?

Aliens arrive. Enslave Earth. Encounter axolotls. Get freaked out by how frickin’ awesome axolotls are. Run away.

James G(reedy):
I wish to request another comic strip please. It is to be called “Postmodern Pat and his Schrödinger’s cat” and is to teach young un’s about high brow concepts and quantum mechanics whilst telling an engaging tale about a postman rescuing ducks from a fire at a bread factory. Thank you. Or it could just be that the above story is delivered in a postmodern fashion and there is simply a cat in a box if this is easier…

Can you do one where a man stands in a desert staring at a rock for hours. Then eats the rock. Then lies down for a bit. (rock = emptiness 🙂 )