Emma Peel jacket project complete!

All done, fully lined… I’m pretty happy with the result – not bad considering a jacket is quite tricky to make. It’s the first one I’ve attempted, so there are a couple of little niggles…. happy I bothered to take out the sleeve and redo it though as it looks tons better now. I also took it in at the waist a lot as it’s much bigger than I am, so thought that might give it a bit of a shape.

So, what would I do differently? I’d figure out where to reduce the pattern properly for my size – the pattern used was about 2 or 3 sizes bigger than me, so even though I took in the waist (the easy bit!), the shoulders and sleeves are still bigger than I’d like. The lining was all hand-stitched-in also – if I was doning it REALLY properly, I’ve have done more invisible slip-stitching; as it is, I figure no-one else is going to be scrutinizing the lining close-up other than me, so it’s less neat than a professional job, but it works!

Other than that, c’est ca!