A dress-a-day for March – THE END!


I realise upon completing this month of dress wearing that I have at least as many dresses again to be able to do another month’s worth (yikes!) although I have sold a handful of items on eBay as a result of this project. I’ve tried to fit in some of my favourites, but also use this as an excuse to wear a couple of items I don’t wear often enough. And still I failed to include here my Carry On Screaming dress, either of my Star Trek dress uniforms, my Breakfast at Tiffany’s (charity shop find) ballgown and a bunch more! It’s also great to realise each dress has some kind of story or nostalgia attached to it.

There are still a few items for sale: MISSY’S VINTAGE CLOTHES SALE

Thanks also to my awesome boyfriend who encouraged me and helped to take photos of each day’s outfit!

So, to the last few:

28th March – Pinstripe yellow and blue 60s dress. I don’t actually recall when or where I bought this, but it was years ago, possible charity chop find. This is very comfy and I take it for granted as a comfy daytime dress quite a bit.

29th March – 60s style keyhole mini dress. Another one I made – I wanted a ‘keyhole’ dress and guessed at how to do it – it turned out kind of ok! The vintage 60s silk fabric cost me Β£1 from a Cats Protection charity shop (same time and place as the fabric for the 9th March dress!). I hadn’t worn this in ages and recently took it in a bit to fit better.

30th March – we found this yesterday (30th) in an antiques centre and decided it had to be mine! Brown 60s/70s suede dress with matching belt – needs to have something worn underneath but it’s great! I’m not sure what’s best to go with it yet – socks or tights, definitely boots! I look goofy here because I am full of a cold and illness whilst pretending not to be πŸ™‚

31st March – today! 60s red mini dress, from a vintage shop for about Β£8 a couple of years ago. I last wore this to the Bootleg Beatles with my boyfriend, and also to the pub with him one of the first times we got an opportunity to chat alone together, so I thought it nice to finish the project on a bit of a sentimental one.

So there you go – a month of dresses. The project was fun but I have to admit I am looking forward to the occasional slacker trouser/skirt days I’m allowed again now. It did achieve weeding out a few items, buying some more hangers and washing some dresses that perhaps needed it. I’d be interested to know anyone’s most/least favourite dresses from over the month as I still need to whittle down my wardrobe! Right, on to the next hare brained scheme!

A month of Missy:


A dress-a-day for March – 25th-27th


25th March – Little green mini 60s dress. I think I got this at a vintage fair, only a couple of years ago. It was a little small at the time but fits perfectly now and I love it either with poloneck underneath or with white tights and go go boots!

26th March – I made this, bodged from a 60s dress pattern and very cheap fabric – this was my ultimate 60s dress at the time I made it. There’s a shot in HEAD (THe Monkees film!) where a girl with black hair and boots has on a dress like this and I wanted one ever since I first saw it. I also made a matching bag. Turns out my 5 year old is also a fan of this as he asked me if I would wear it again the next day!

27th March – 1940s/50s vintage shirtwaister housewifey dress. I like the fabric and the orange/brown colours on this, it’s kind of cute but is perfect for daytime casual. I think it came from a vintage shop in Margate a few years ago.

PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN CARTOON DIARIES – Missy’s Flying Wing Performance Test Reports

UNCOVERED! Previously BANNED from public eyes…


Flying Wing are not responsible for the following Performance Test Reports. Flying Wing wish to state that the events depicted in the Performance Test Reports may be fiction, may not have happened, may never be spoken of, or even thought about, and any likeness to any person or event may be purely coincidental.

A dress-a-day for March – 22nd-24th & CLOTHES SALE!

Part of the reason for this project was to weed out some items from my cupboards to sell on eBay, so here’s batch #1 : MISSY’S VINTAGE CLOTHES SALE


22nd March – Red & white polka dot dress. This gets worn a LOT in the summer coz it’s so easy to chuck on and comfy to potter about in, and also always seems to end up on holiday with me, especially at the seaside. It’s a bit too big these days, hence the belt but I love it – I think it was a charity shop find – certainly 50s/60s and inexpensive.

23rd March – Navy blue nautical style wiggle dress. I was trying to find a Bettie Page-ish wiggle dress a while ago on eBay and got this for a bargain. Like.

24th March – Charity shop 70s maxi dress! This is kind of shiny psychedelic fabric, I love the pattern and the halterneck style. I once went with someone very special for a picnic on Mars in this dress. He knows what I mean.

And we’re into the last week of the project!

A dress-a-day for March – 19th-21st


19th March – Black and white op art 1960s dress. I think this was another charity shop bargain, I think of this as a great psych late 60s dress, it has some covered buttons missing on the sleeves which fasten with poppers (and annoyingly unfasten often) but it’s become a pretty comfy everyday kind of dress for me.

20th March – Another black and white 60s one (it is actually a dress even though it looks like a top and skirt). I think this was an eBay bargain! I like the pattern on the fabric and the button detail. There’s a catch at the back of the neck that always comes undone and catches on my hair which I remember I should sort out every time I wear it. I haven’t done yet….

21st March – Tassled flapper dress – I decided recently it was time for Missy Tassles to own a dress with tassles! We went along to a 20s/30s evening in an art gallery lately so I finally got an excuse to wear it. The hair and make up took me what felt like forEVER to do (about an hour – it’s rare for me to spend more than 10 mins on this kind of thing). It was a fun experiment but I couldn’t face doing that everyday!

A dress-a-day for march – 16th-18th


16th March – Orange 60s style mini dress (with black polo neck underneath). I got this at the Nichols Building antiques centre, one of my favourite rummagey second hand places as the prices are sensible and there’s a little cafe there I’ve been to a few times, mostly on my own. A couple of years ago, a number of (kind) friends got in touch with me to say they’d seen a new Stella ad and that they thought the woman in it looked like me – this is the closest dress I own to that one, so I can pretend to be all 1960s and European and stuff. I love the metal belt detail on it too.

17th March – Flowery maxi dress. Not usually the kind of thing I wear, but I saw it in a charity shop last year and couldn’t resist it. Perfect for sunshine and being a hippy!

18th March – Psychedelic 60s scooter dress. One of my friends gave this to me, along with a couple of other things, which her mum had made but were too small for her now. I love the vintage silk fabric and it’s very comfy to wear and a everyday kind of thing.


A dress-a-day for March – 13th-15th


13th March – my ‘Bettie Page’ dress – at least that’s how I think of it. I made this from a 50s/60s pattern a few years ago with some cheap red tartan fabric and added a charity shop belt around the waist. I love it, but it’s rather tight so I have to be in the right mood to wear it.

14th March – 50s style polka dot ‘wiggle dress’. I bought this as a treat to myself in autumn 2013, I don’t often buy ‘new’ new clothes; this is another one that was made from a 50s pattern.

15th March – Psych 60s mini dress. I got this from a vintage fair towards the end of 2012. It was the first dress I bought at the beginning of a new era in my life, so it has a certain sentimentality for me. It was also my son’s birthday party today, so bright colours seemed appropriate!

Pretty much half way through the project now!