Articles & Reviews

In my day job, I am a Senior Lecturer and PhD researcher at Sheffield Hallam University.

Here are some details of my articles, papers and reviews to date:

BOOK CHAPTER: ‘Et in Arcadia Ego: British Folk Horror Film and Television’, Nation and Fascination (edited collection), Routledge – Forthcoming.

TO BE PUBLISHED – JOURNAL ARTICLE: ‘The Eerie Folklore of Robin Redbreast’. Forthcoming. Revenant.

C3Ri IMPACT BLOG: ‘Diane A. Rodgers Research Blog: Folklore on Screen’. 26th Sep 2019. Available at:

BOOK CHAPTER: ‘Wyrd on-screen: Urban Fears and Rural Folk’ in Folk Horror Revival: Urban Wyrd  -2. Spirits of Place. 2019. (author). Ed. Andy Paciorek. UK: Wyrd Harvest Press. Available online here.

BOOK CHAPTER: ‘An Interview with Diane A. Rodgers’ in Folk Horror Revival: Urban Wyrd  -2. Spirits of Place. 2019. (author). Ed. Andy Paciorek. UK: Wyrd Harvest Press. Available online here.

RESEARCH ARTICLE: Rodgers, Diane A. (2019) Something ‘Wyrd’ This Way Comes: Folklore and British Television, Folklore, 130:2,133-152, DOI: 10.1080/0015587X.2018.1529363

CONFERENCE PAPER: ‘Et in Arcadia Ago – The Very British Landscape of Folk Horror’. March 2019. Presented at the Folklore Society Annual Conference,held at Derby University.

CONFERENCE PAPER: ‘Something Wyrd: Folk Horror, Folklore and British Television’. November 2018. Presented at the Centre for Contemporary Legend symposium. Sheffield Hallam University.

ARTICLE: Swinging sixties Spies in Comic Book Guise! FATHOM and MODESTY BLAISE. 2019. Cinema Retro. 15 (44): 18-25.

CONFERENCE PAPER: ‘Why Wyrd?  Why folklore? Why now?’. July 2018. Presented at  Screening the Unreal conference. University of Brighton.

CONFERENCE PAPER: The Folklore of ‘Folk-Horror” & Launching a Centre for Contemporary Legend. May 2018. Presented at C3Ri Doctoral Conference: IMPACT 2018. Sheffield Hallam University.

ARTICLE: The Outcasts: A forgotten, wyrd classic of British folk horror.  2018. Cinema Retro. 14 (41): 30-31 [print magazine]

BOOK CHAPTER: ‘Robin Redbreast: Folk horror for Christmas’. 2017. Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror on Film and Television. Eds. Paul Corupe and Kier-La Janisse.  Canada: Spectacular Optical Press.


ROUNDTABLE INTERVIEW: Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror on Film and Teleivion Indiegogo Campaign, 7 Sep 2017.

CONFERENCE PAPER: Folklore: the eerie underbelly of British 1970s folk-horror television? October 2017. Presented at At Home with Horror: Terror on the Small Screen?, University of Kent at Canterbury.

CONFERENCE PAPER: Millennial ghosts and folk-horror legends: haunted by British 1970s television. April 2017.  Presented at FEAR 2000: 21st Century Monsters, Sheffield Hallam University.

DVD REVIEW: The Electric Horseman. 2017.  15 Mar 2017.  [online];-UK-DVD-RELEASE.html

BERLINALE 2017 HIGHLIGHTS. 2017. 10 Mar 2017. [online]

FEATURE ARTICLE: Head: a jubilant rampage through sixties psychedelia! 2017. Cinema Retro. 13 (37): 50-52 [print magazine]

DVD REVIEW: Looking for Richard. 2016. 23 Oct 2016.  [online];-UK-DVD-RELEASE-FROM-ODYSSEY.html

BOOK REVIEW: Cult Cinema: An Arrow Video Companion. 2016. 19 May 2016. [online],-2016,-Hardcover-Ltd.-Edition-250-pages.html

BOOK REVIEW: Satanic Panic: Pop Cultural Paranoia in the 1980s . 2016. 15 Feb 2016. [online]

DVD REVIEW: Mississippi Burning. 2015. 13  Oct 2015. [online];-UK-BLU-RAY-RELEASE-FROM-SECOND-SIGHT.html

BOOK REVIEW: The French Screen Goddess. 2015.  Cinema Retro – REFS TO FOLLOW – Sep 2015: p44 [print magazine]

BOOK REVIEW. From France With Love: Gender and Identity in French Romantic Comedy. 2015.Cinemaretro.Com.  1 Aug 2015. [online]