The Story of Judee Sill – lost but not forgotten musical genius

A brand new comic book I’ve recently drawn about the musician and songwriter Judee Sill, released online here today as part of Hannah Festival week, celebrating the release of this year’s Directory in which I am proud to be included as Missy Tassles, as well as The Girl Next Door (see my new CD release this week) and Black Light Art Collective. The contributors to Hannah Directory are chosen for their enterprising spirit, making great things happen from the bottom up, often starting with no resources except their passion, commitment and imagination. “I’m delighted that Missy Tassles is involved in Hannah Directory this year,” says Andrew Wilson, who co-ordinates the Directory.

Judee_web_01 Judee_web_02 Judee_web_03 Judee_web_04 Judee_web_05 Judee_web_06 Judee_web_07 Judee_web_08 Judee_web_09 Judee_web_10

The Hannah Directory, now in it’s third year, features more than fifty contributors in towns and cities across the north and includes fun, fascinating and innovative activities in fields including the arts, music, business and social organisation. It promotes the possibility of cooperation between people and places in England’s north for the common good.

Hannah Directory is named after an inspirational figure from the north of England, Hannah Mitchell (1872–1956), a suffragette and rebel who tried to create ‘beauty in civic life’ in her work on public libraries, parks and gardens.
Missy Tassles (also as The Girl Next Door) and Black Light Art Collective are part of Hannah Directory,  This week is launch week – keep up to date with festival events  @hannahfestival on Twitter or on Facebook at

5 responses to “The Story of Judee Sill – lost but not forgotten musical genius

  1. Thank you for creating this amazing work and for sharing it! I discovered JuDee Sill’s music about 15 years ago in the very same way you did – from the Old Grey Whistle Test clip of “The Kiss.” As a filmmaker, I’ve dreamed of taking a year or two to research and produce a documentary about JuDee and her music. There just seems to be so little footage of her around. And music usage rights are expensive. Maybe someday…

  2. Hi Missy: Loved your Judee zine! I’m co-directing a documentary about Judee. We’d like to include short videos of her fans talking about what her music means to them. Are you interested? If so, please send a short video to me at Thanks, Brian Lindstrom

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