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I decorated our study – brown walls and horror posters!

Just over a year ago, we were lucky enough to be able to move into a house with room to use as a study and sewing room (and the built in cupboards are my wardrobe and random storage).  Since I started my PhD, I am spending an awful LOT of time in this room – sometimes with also working from home writing lectures, I can spend 3 or 4 whole days a week in this room.  We haven’t had to do much decorating around this house, but I’d just about had enough of the swirly pink Laura Ashley wallpaper and everything just being a bit too untidy and mismatched for my taste.  I’ve reached a significant point in the early stages of my PhD so decided to treat myself to a proper study that’s more ‘me’and has cool stuff around me. It’s not a major overhaul – just a lick of paint on the walls and cupboards, a new bookcase, some cheap curtain fabric, posters and frames (which I also painted to match), and a metal noticeboard. I’ve done it all on my own though, and am pretty chuffed with the results. I would just like to also get some nice plant pots that match the teal colour throughout (I NEED things to match) then I’m done!
Here’s the inital “design” and some before and after pictures (taken on a poor quality camera, but you get the idea!).
IMG_20181101_152129IMG_20181015_173635 copyIMG_20181015_173638 copyIMG_20181015_173643 copyIMG_20181101_142812 copy

Places I’ve lived #3 – Spring House Road, Crookesmoor Sheffield

The second place I officially rented a room, a friend of other friends Darren had recently bought a house and wanted a lodger. We had lots of mutual friends and similar tastes in music, so it seemed like a more comfortable option than at K’s house. Darren and I often had a laugh, shared a love of Star Trek Voyager and Darren would sometimes rent videos of new episodes and we’d watch them together. Friday evenings were Robot Wars and out to Offbeat, Sunday mornings were hungover watching Lee and Herring. Friends often came over to watch weird movies I’d inflict on them, or to play PlayStation Driver and listen to Beachbuggy records. The band Chuck and record label Thee SPC were born and flourished around this time.