Swinging Sixties Female Spies!

I’m chuffed to come home today to find the latest copy of CINEMA RETRO and have one of my recent articles feature as part of a ‘Women in Film’ series. They’ve outdone themselves on the glorious, glossy images to illustrate my piece ‘Swinging sixties Spies in Comic Book Guise!’ on the movies FATHOM and MODESTY BLAISE. There were a number of things I liked about these movies but I pulled them up at times too, and amusingly pleased the editors even kept in my use of the word ‘rapey’ (please note, the ‘Girl Power’ tag on the over was not my idea, however!).

It’s still a delightful novelty to see my name in print, and a reminder that it is indeed worth putting the time and effort into getting something written!

ARTICLE: Swinging sixties Spies in Comic Book Guise! FATHOM and MODESTY BLAISE. 2019. Cinema Retro. 15 (44): 18-25.

You can subscribe to Cinema Retro or purchase back issues directly via their website, alternatively you can buy individual issues in UK stores like Forbidden Planet or from sites like Hemlock Books.

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