Places I’ve lived #2

#2 – The first room I rented, K’s house, Walkley, Sheffield.

A friend of a friend, K, was buying her first house and wanted to rent a room. Luckily for me it was cheap and she seemed nice and knew mutual friends, so all seemed cool. The house was pretty much a shell and K let me decorate my room, and I sanded down and stained the floorboards. I soon discovered K wasn’t the cleanest, tidiest of people and my room was my little clean haven. The inside of the oven turned my stomach and was to be avoided and I would regularly find cat sick on the floor downstairs. K was into dance/techno and would go out with friends on a Saturday, and they would sometimes arrive home around 6am on Sunday mornings and carry on the party, playing more beats in the room below mine, when I was trying to sleep off a hangover. Despite that, I liked K and had a particularly fun random spontaneous night with her at a local pub just hanging out playing pool. I was a poor student living on (literally) about £15 a week (£8 Netto food shop, rest for beer/cheap cider, walked EVERYWHERE), so I had nothing to complain about really. A. rented the other room for a while, whose main thing was BDSM. He was a super nice guy and very open about it. It was the first gaff I’d lived in officially after my parents’ house, and had my 21st birthday there, and I still have a ring K bought me as a 21st gift, so I have fond memories, but due to the mess and clash of musical tastes it was kind of a relief to eventually move on.

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