Places I’ve Lived #1

#1 – The house I grew up in. Herries Road, Longley, Sheffield

We lived in Grenoside for the first year or two of my life but I don’t really have any clear memories of the space other than a large black wooden safety gate at the bottom of the stairs and a brownish curtain by the front door.

We moved to Herries Road when I was around 2 years old and I remember running around the empty house excitedly whilst my dad unrolled a living room carpet and discovering orange cupboard doors fastened with a latch in what seemed like a secret nook in the bathroom. My parents had an extension built on the back of the house and completely redid the drive and garden areas. These drawings reflect the house as best I remember it, I’m surprised I can’t more clearly recall the layout of my bedroom but it changed a lot over the years, from having a cabin bed (in which i remember trying to stay awake late enough to listen to John Peel on my panda radio) with desk and wardrobe underneath to having a regular bed. Decor morphed from Alice in Wonderland wallpaper, pink heart curtains and duvet (not really ‘me’), to bright red walls with the MOST 80s grey pinstriped carpet and red and black stripe curtains (the first time I was allowed to choose my own decor), to more ‘grown up’ grey walls with navy blue trim and Native American Indian patterned fabrics. I also eventually had a TV, video with remote on a wire, HiFi stereo when I was a teenager but these moved around my room too. I lived here until I was about 19, and moved into my first rented room during my second year of university.

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