Missy & Paul Get Married…an interactive cartoon!

It’s only taken me about 8 months to finish this cartoon diary of our wedding day, but here it finally is, complete with relevant audiovisual links along the way – it’s LIKE YOU WERE THERE!   🙂


Click here to hear what we tested the jukebox with (see next panel)


Click here for some TV nostalgia that was the soundtrack to my ironing (see panel below)


Click here for the trailer of a film I am very fond of, and was watching whilst getting ready!


Click here for the song I walked down the aisle to! 


Reading 1: Chosen by Paul, read beautifully by his cousin Amanda


Reading 1: Chosen by Missy, read beautifully by Best Woman Lizzie Biscuits


Songs we chose to play whilst we signed the register:

Corn Rigs – Paul Giovanni (from The Wicker Man Soundtrack) 

Heron – Lord and Master

Song we chose to play as we left the room:

Sonny & Cher – The Little Things


Click here to hear the song for our first dance! (see next panel)


Click here for the soundtrack to a bunch of small children going crazy on the dancefloor!


Click here for the trailer of the hilariously dreadful film we watched that evening!




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