“Now You See M.E…. HEAR ME ROAR!”

Here’s the second in a short series (of four) comic art works I was commissioned to create for Focus Sheffield and Dr Julia Davis at the University of Sheffield.  Thanks also go to Paul Dorrington for his, as ever, invaluable artistic advice.

This artwork feeds into research based around online support networks for Mums of children with M.E.; this particular piece was designed to be something of a standalone signature logo for the project:


Here it is contextualised in a larger A3 version with some simple, shorthand cartoons describing some of the mums’ more frustrating experiences with establishment figures:


Here’s the same final piece before colouring:


And an early sketch version:


There is no known cause, or cure for this condition, it is difficult to define and can be incredibly difficult for sufferers and their families to manage.  Find out more about Young People with M.E. here.

This great project has a much longer term view of helping families themselves to creatively express their experiences of the condition and the issues surrounding it.  This will have not only a cathartic benefit for those directly involved but will also help give medical professionals a better understanding of the illness and why more support and investigation is necessary.





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