Time Travellers – The Wedding Present live

Working on my cartoon diary of last week’s shenanigans but, in the meantime, lookee here, I really did get to be in The Wedding Present with my supercool boyfriend Paul Dorrington last week!

Manic Pop Thrills


The Wedding Present / Rogue Freak Vote – The Greenside, Leslie – Friday 29th August 2014

Until their last visit to Fife, the Wedding Present had played a peripheral role in my collection with one 99p E.P. (‘Brassneck’) and one L.P. (’Bizarro’) in my possession. In fact at that stage I was probably most familiar with an early (pre-George Best) Peel session on a tape.

But their performance that night persuaded me to delve into the back catalogue and to get their last LP ‘Valentina’ albeit on download.

For all that, I didn’t rush out and buy tickets for this intimate show largely because I was toying with the idea of seeing them the next day as part of the Last Big Weekend. In the end, despite a very attractive bill, I ditched LBW with this show as some form of, less physically demanding, compensation.


First off…

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