Black Light Art Collective launch

I have been asked for the second year running to take part in the Hannah Festival (named after suffragette Hannah Mitchell) – to celebrate and support great and interesting creative projects in the North of England.

As part of this, we’ve launched our latest project, Black Light Art Collective  (BLAC) onto the world today, which incorporates activities by our band Black Light Ray – but we also do art and videos and stuff – we’ve got prints fairs and gigs coming up.  Now consolidated in one easy-to-handle website, should you be interested in such things 🙂
I’m putting on a 60s garage punk night at the Bell Jar in Sheffield, at which Black Light Ray will also be playing on Friday 13th June, and BLAC will be exhibiting linocut prints at an event in Chesterfield on Saturday the 14th June – see the ‘Events’ page at the above site for more details if you’re interested.
They’ve asked me to take part as Missy Tassles to contribute some more comic book artwork too (to follow later in the week), so I will also be posting another Missy Tassles cartoon later this week as part of celebrating this festival, woop!  Busy, busy, busy!

The Hannah Festival has included me in their directory here and BLAC here.




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