A dress-a-day for March – THE END!


I realise upon completing this month of dress wearing that I have at least as many dresses again to be able to do another month’s worth (yikes!) although I have sold a handful of items on eBay as a result of this project. I’ve tried to fit in some of my favourites, but also use this as an excuse to wear a couple of items I don’t wear often enough. And still I failed to include here my Carry On Screaming dress, either of my Star Trek dress uniforms, my Breakfast at Tiffany’s (charity shop find) ballgown and a bunch more! It’s also great to realise each dress has some kind of story or nostalgia attached to it.

There are still a few items for sale: MISSY’S VINTAGE CLOTHES SALE

Thanks also to my awesome boyfriend who encouraged me and helped to take photos of each day’s outfit!

So, to the last few:

28th March – Pinstripe yellow and blue 60s dress. I don’t actually recall when or where I bought this, but it was years ago, possible charity chop find. This is very comfy and I take it for granted as a comfy daytime dress quite a bit.

29th March – 60s style keyhole mini dress. Another one I made – I wanted a ‘keyhole’ dress and guessed at how to do it – it turned out kind of ok! The vintage 60s silk fabric cost me £1 from a Cats Protection charity shop (same time and place as the fabric for the 9th March dress!). I hadn’t worn this in ages and recently took it in a bit to fit better.

30th March – we found this yesterday (30th) in an antiques centre and decided it had to be mine! Brown 60s/70s suede dress with matching belt – needs to have something worn underneath but it’s great! I’m not sure what’s best to go with it yet – socks or tights, definitely boots! I look goofy here because I am full of a cold and illness whilst pretending not to be 🙂

31st March – today! 60s red mini dress, from a vintage shop for about £8 a couple of years ago. I last wore this to the Bootleg Beatles with my boyfriend, and also to the pub with him one of the first times we got an opportunity to chat alone together, so I thought it nice to finish the project on a bit of a sentimental one.

So there you go – a month of dresses. The project was fun but I have to admit I am looking forward to the occasional slacker trouser/skirt days I’m allowed again now. It did achieve weeding out a few items, buying some more hangers and washing some dresses that perhaps needed it. I’d be interested to know anyone’s most/least favourite dresses from over the month as I still need to whittle down my wardrobe! Right, on to the next hare brained scheme!

A month of Missy:



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