A dress-a-day for March – 25th-27th


25th March – Little green mini 60s dress. I think I got this at a vintage fair, only a couple of years ago. It was a little small at the time but fits perfectly now and I love it either with poloneck underneath or with white tights and go go boots!

26th March – I made this, bodged from a 60s dress pattern and very cheap fabric – this was my ultimate 60s dress at the time I made it. There’s a shot in HEAD (THe Monkees film!) where a girl with black hair and boots has on a dress like this and I wanted one ever since I first saw it. I also made a matching bag. Turns out my 5 year old is also a fan of this as he asked me if I would wear it again the next day!

27th March – 1940s/50s vintage shirtwaister housewifey dress. I like the fabric and the orange/brown colours on this, it’s kind of cute but is perfect for daytime casual. I think it came from a vintage shop in Margate a few years ago.


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