A dress-a-day for March – 19th-21st


19th March – Black and white op art 1960s dress. I think this was another charity shop bargain, I think of this as a great psych late 60s dress, it has some covered buttons missing on the sleeves which fasten with poppers (and annoyingly unfasten often) but it’s become a pretty comfy everyday kind of dress for me.

20th March – Another black and white 60s one (it is actually a dress even though it looks like a top and skirt). I think this was an eBay bargain! I like the pattern on the fabric and the button detail. There’s a catch at the back of the neck that always comes undone and catches on my hair which I remember I should sort out every time I wear it. I haven’t done yet….

21st March – Tassled flapper dress – I decided recently it was time for Missy Tassles to own a dress with tassles! We went along to a 20s/30s evening in an art gallery lately so I finally got an excuse to wear it. The hair and make up took me what felt like forEVER to do (about an hour – it’s rare for me to spend more than 10 mins on this kind of thing). It was a fun experiment but I couldn’t face doing that everyday!


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