A dress-a-day for march – 16th-18th


16th March – Orange 60s style mini dress (with black polo neck underneath). I got this at the Nichols Building antiques centre, one of my favourite rummagey second hand places as the prices are sensible and there’s a little cafe there I’ve been to a few times, mostly on my own. A couple of years ago, a number of (kind) friends got in touch with me to say they’d seen a new Stella ad and that they thought the woman in it looked like me – this is the closest dress I own to that one, so I can pretend to be all 1960s and European and stuff. I love the metal belt detail on it too.

17th March – Flowery maxi dress. Not usually the kind of thing I wear, but I saw it in a charity shop last year and couldn’t resist it. Perfect for sunshine and being a hippy!

18th March – Psychedelic 60s scooter dress. One of my friends gave this to me, along with a couple of other things, which her mum had made but were too small for her now. I love the vintage silk fabric and it’s very comfy to wear and a everyday kind of thing.



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