A dress-a-day for March – 10th-12th


10th March – 1950s dress. This has a mildly amusing story – I bought it (along with another vintage dress) in a charity shop in a small seaside town, I think in Norfolk somewhere. It was pretty cheap, I tried them on and took them to the counter. Woman behind counter: “Ooh are you going to a fancy dress party?” Me: “No, I like them and I wear clothes like this most days”. Woman behind counter: Awkward silence…
I think of this as comfy rather than glamorous, don’t wear it often and it gets considered for the eBay pile from time to time, although I do like it.

11th March – 60s mod scooter dress. People always comment on this dress when I wear it, usually the colour. I guess most people tend not to wear bright colours much so it stands out. I bought it what used to be my favourite vintage shop in Leeds before it closed down. It’s a little big for me now but it’s still quite striking I think.

12th March – 50s/60s day dress. I got this quite recently from eBay super cheap as a kind of everyday dress. I thought it would be way too big, but seems fine with a belt, I love the pattern on the fabric, it makes me feel I should be sitting around in Italian cafes in the 1960s smoking and reading and discussing philosophy, then being taken for an incredibly romantic evening walk into the sunset. In fact, that’s pretty much what I think I should be doing most days. *tassles daydreaming again*

I’ve started making myself another dress too from a 60s Vogue pattern, I will post it’s progress shortly, I’m hoping to get it finished by the end of the month as kind of a prize to myself for reaching my target!

I’ve even got a 1960s DRESS FOR SALE: http://ebay.eu/1fprPpR
I’ve worn this 2 or 3 times since I’ve owned it, and it’s just a bit too big really…

March project so far:


2 responses to “A dress-a-day for March – 10th-12th

  1. Hi Diane

    I caught this video on youtube tonight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pb3IdLdIc6s

    That would be an awsome dress, for some reason I thought of you given your current dress blitz.

    I just want to be sure I’m not tripping on something , very strange video even for JPOP (and I’ve seen a few).

    MEG supersonic is awsome for an old track, a nice version is the MEG vs Perfume version on youtube.

    Oh Amy might be joining the RAF….Haaa Haaa Haaa…..pause for breath Haa…Haaa..Haaaaaa.

    Lots of Love Colin.

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