A dress-a-day for March – 7th-9th


7th March – my boyfriend took this of me dancing to the Monkees after which time I may have had a glass of ale. It’s a 60s minidress from a vintage shop I bought about a year ago with Hawaiian-y pattern flowers. I like that it’s kind of psych, kind of tiki – and has a ruffley neck. It’s comfy and fits well (rare for vintage clothes!).

8th March – I bought this at a flea market in Paris, vintage 60s wool with a cool op-art pattern on the bottom half. It got a bit moth-eaten in places but I tried to fix it a bit and it seems ok now.

9th March – 50s cocktail dress. I made this from a 50s pattern, using some 50s/60s Italian silk I got in a Chesterfield charity shop for £1. Win! I’ve only worn it 3 or 4 times but it feels very elegant.


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