A-dress-a-day for March 2014

I did this mini project once before years ago and it seemed a good time to try it again – the plan is to wear a vintage (or homemade vintage-style) dress every day for a month! The main reason is because over the winter it’s so easy to bundle up and wear the same comfy things over and over again, and get bored with your own clothes. This will hopefully make me dig out and appreciate my wardrobe full of dresses that don’t always get their deserved airtime. Also, I might be able to decide which (if any!) can head for the eBay pile to make way for one or two new ones… My boyfriend said I should photograph each day, so posting updates here every few days should make me keep to the plan!


So, to kick off:

1st March – Red and black spotted wiggle dress: I made this last year with some fabric my mum gave me; the shoulders and pleats were a bit fiddly to do but I was pleased with the result. At the time, it was the most complicated dress I’d made.

2nd March – Yellow 60s mini dress. A bit too big for me but it remains one of my favourites, bought cheap on eBay a few years ago – proper vintage with bell sleeves and hippy embroidering on the front.

3rd March – Black 70s disco dress. Found this in a charity shop and couldn’t leave it there. I like the lacy top – I think it was originally very long as the hem has definitely been taken up by someone at home (not me!).



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