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Be a part of THE WALL!

Thanks to a kind anonymous donor (most likely my neighbour) leaving a bag of mosiac tiles on my doorstep, I’ve had an idea – would YOU like to be a part of THE WALL?

I’m thinking it would be jolly splendid if a bunch of people I know would like to send me some small item to be immortalised in THE WALL, once I get to the cementing-items-in-stage!  I’ve got some items already, ‘objets trouvé’, bits and pieces, old tiles, and my mum is giving me a whole heap of mosiac stuff and some special pieces – but it’d be wonderful to have other special things from other people I know too!

Ideally, then item should be smallish – maybe a keyring, badge, plastic toy, shell, piece of pottery, jewellery – anything that will withstand all weathers.  And the more kitschy/vintage/cool/odd etc. , the better!  I’ll probably start the mosaic-ing in July/August, so if you’d like something included, the sooner you can get it to me the better.

EIther drop something through my letterbox with a note addressed to THE WALL c/o Missy Tassles, or message/email me for my address to post something along – and of course, items sent will be included in THE WALL photoblog right here, so you’ll see what happens to it…

THE WALL – Phase 2

Today I did my first cementing… ever.  I enjoyed an inordinate amount, and also the camaraderie with my fellow boiler-suited worker who has been busying himself today with scraping the flaky paint off the outside of next door’s house.

We’ve had intermittent showers, which almost rained off play once or twice, but I persisted as long as there was cement left to, well, cement.  Worked for about 5 hours today, mixed up about 4 batches and filled all the major holes and re-pointed the end of the wall.

Phase 2

Not pretty, but just aiming for a rough surface all on one ‘level’ without any giant holes at this stage.

Donning a boiler suit… THE WALL phase one.

THE WALL project for summer 2011 has finally begun!  The wall in question is outside the back of my house – has been crumbling for a long time and is going to get a shiny new coat, ending up with some description of haphazard mosaic finish.

The wall at the beginning:

6th June 2011 – Phase one is begun – HAVE AT IT!

Discovered one or two of the largest spiders I’ve seen in a long time, plus attracted the attention of my neighbour and his builder friend… it was either the boiler suit or just plain nosiness, but nods of mutual recognition as builder in his similar boiler suit was working mere feet away from my skilled chiseling!

Phase one complete – removal of all loose concrete achieved.