Films watched lately…

TELL NO ONE (TV, Guillaume Canet, 2006)

Enjoyed this engaging murder-mystery, mistaken identity/crime drama about a man wrongly accused of killing his wife.


Hilariously bad ’80s fashion – although the use of colour and dress is used for character/plot purpose.  Don’t see the attraction to floppy-haired French Hugh-Grant-alike myself, though.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4: On Stranger Tides (Cinema, Rob Marshall, 2011)

Yawn.  Too long, too much fighting, not enough plot.

OUTPOST (DVD, Steve Barker, 2008)

Can’t beat a bit of low-budget Nazi horror.

HEARTBEATS (Cinema, Xavier Dolan, 2010)

Very interesting French-Canadian film, somewhere between Gregg Araki and Jean-Luc Godard. Love triangle but focussing on changing friendship between young gay man (played by Dolan himself) and his vintage-clothing obsessed female friend.  I think she should have stuck with the vintage clothing to the end, though!

WINTER’S BONE (DVD, Debra Granik, 2010)

Great!  Grim, gripping, nicely paced and well acted etc.  Could watch this a number of times over I think.

PRIMAL (DVD, Josh Reed, 2010)

Fantastic fun from this Australian horror flick.  Exactly what you want from a teens-in-the-woods horror romp, more modern horror should be like this – follow the best old formats but still feel inventive and new.

PROWL (DVD, Patrik Syversen, 2010)

Antithesis of the above.  Boring, despite being about feeding teenagers to vampires.

X MEN: FIRST CLASS (Cinema, Matthew Vaughn, 2011)

Fun.  Not amazing, but enjoyable superhero guff, lots of fun if you don’t go expecting much.  Nb. for some proper serious acting, see Charles Xavier below…  (watching grown men acting mind control is suprisingly hilarious if you think about what they’re actually doing in front of a cemra crew, and managing to keep a straight face!).

DOGTOOTH (TV, Giorgos Lanthimos, 2009)

Extremely unsettling film about a couple keeping their 3 teenage children isolated from society (to the extent of not telling them what a telephone is, and that cats are creatures that will attack and kill them if the venture outside their garden etc.).  Combine this with coming-of-age sexual exploration and you’re left with quite an odd feeling you can’t quite define.  I think this film will haunt me for some time to come.

ANGELS OF EVIL (Cinema, Michele Placido, 2010)

Enjoyable crime romp – bio-pic of Renato Vallanzasca.  Perhaps a bit too long, or tries to cram in too much, so feels a little ‘bitty’ or confused in parts, but the central actors are engaging and includes some moments of genuine brutality/nastiness which give the film an edge.

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