Be a part of THE WALL!

Thanks to a kind anonymous donor (most likely my neighbour) leaving a bag of mosiac tiles on my doorstep, I’ve had an idea – would YOU like to be a part of THE WALL?

I’m thinking it would be jolly splendid if a bunch of people I know would like to send me some small item to be immortalised in THE WALL, once I get to the cementing-items-in-stage!  I’ve got some items already, ‘objets trouvé’, bits and pieces, old tiles, and my mum is giving me a whole heap of mosiac stuff and some special pieces – but it’d be wonderful to have other special things from other people I know too!

Ideally, then item should be smallish – maybe a keyring, badge, plastic toy, shell, piece of pottery, jewellery – anything that will withstand all weathers.  And the more kitschy/vintage/cool/odd etc. , the better!  I’ll probably start the mosaic-ing in July/August, so if you’d like something included, the sooner you can get it to me the better.

EIther drop something through my letterbox with a note addressed to THE WALL c/o Missy Tassles, or message/email me for my address to post something along – and of course, items sent will be included in THE WALL photoblog right here, so you’ll see what happens to it…


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